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Sir David Lindsay wearing Kurdish clothes.

Sir David Lindsay is Kara Ben Nemsi's friend and companion. They met for the first time in Durch die Wüste, at the beginning of The War in The Desert. They met in a coffee house while he got angry because he did not understand how to order food. Kara Ben Nemsi helped him and after introducting themselves, it turned out that Sir David knew Kara Ben Nemsi by his name through his friend, Sir John Raffley. It happend that Kara Ben Nemsi once travelled with Sir John Raffley.

Sir David Lindsay is an brave English adventurer but do not understand the languages of the Middle East. He is rich and often insisted to pay the necessary travelling cost. He came to the Middle East by his ship, the "Girl Robber" and wanted to obtain glory by finding Fowling Bulls, artefacts from ancient Middle Eastern people.

Sir David likes to wear checker patterned clothes just like chess board, a habit of the English which was exaggerated by Karl May. He is tall and thin, and talks loudly but brief. He seldom say a complete sentence. He also has a habit of saying: "will pay, will pay well". He has a loyal servant named Bill The Irish, a big and strong guy.

The Englishman didn't always travel with Kara Ben Nemsi. At the end of The War in the Desert, he was left behind at the camp of the Haddedihn because Kara Ben Nemsi along with Sheik Mohammed Emin have to go to free Amad El Ghandur, the Sheik's son. Because he cannot speak Arabic nor Kurdish, Sir David had to be left behind there because it was thought that he would be a bother in the way. He would meet again with Kara Ben Nemsi at a village called Spandareh, when Kara Ben Nemsi had just left the village of the Jesidi, before entering Amadijah.

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