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Sheik Mohammed Emin is the chief of Shammar Haddedihn Arab tribe and companion of Kara Ben Nemsi. He is depicted as a venerable long white bearded old man.

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When he met Kara Ben Nemsi for the first time in the story of The War in the desert in the book Durch die Wüste (Through the Desert), his tribe was about to commence war with other Shammar tribes. Because of his skill in horse riding and because he succeeded in contacting friendly tribes of the Haddedihn, the Sheik gave Kara Ben Nemsi a black stallion named Rih, which can run as fast as the wind.

After he defeated his enemies, also with the help of Kara Ben Nemsi, the Sheik received a message that his son was captured and imprisoned by the Mutessarif of Mossul, and they prepared to travel to Fort Amadijah to free Amad El Ghandur, the Sheik's son. Their way happened to cross the village of the Jesidi, whom was considered as "The Devil Worshipper".

After successfully freed Amad El Ghandur, they went back to Shammar district, but because of some considerations, they chose not to travel the path they went before. In the way, they encountered many obstacle, which they overcame by helping each other.

In the story of Von Baghdad Nach Stambul (From Baghdad to Stambul), there was a misunderstanding between the Sheik and Kara Ben Nemsi, and the result was that Kara Ben Nemsi returned Rih to the Sheik. In the middle of the story, the old Sheik died in a battle, and Amad, his son, chose to go separate way from Kara Ben Nemsi's group to take revenge.

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