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Orient Zyklus atau The Oriental Cycle is a collection of Karl May's Works which tells the story of Kara Ben Nemsi's adventures in the "oriental world".

The manuscript of Orient Zyklus was first published as a short story titled Leitet (1876), and then developed into a series titled Giölgeda Padischahnün (Under the Shadow of Padishah) published in Deutcher Hausschatz magazine from 1881 until 1888. First published in the form of book titled Durch die Wüste und Harem (Through the Desert and Harem), and then retitled as Durch die Wüste (Through the Desert) when republished in 1895.

The Adventures started in Tunisia then to Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albany, and finished in Palestine.

Works in the Orient Zyklus Collection[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. Durch die Wüste (Through the Desert)
  2. Durchs wilde Kurdistan (Through Wild Kurdistan)
  3. Von Bagdad nach Stambul (From Baghdad to Stambul)
  4. In den Schluchten des Balkan (In the Gorges of Balkan)
  5. Durch das Land der Skipetaren (Through the Land of Albany)
  6. Der Schut (The Schut)

Sumber-Sumber[sunting | sunting sumber]

Menjelajah Negeri Karl May by Pandu Ganesa, published by Pustaka Primatama, 2004 (ISBN 979973763-X)

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