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In his books, Karl May often used story telling style which in the literature world is called The First Person View. In this style, the narrator is one of the characters in the story. In the case of Karl May, the narrator is the main character of the story. Thus, the narrator always calls himslef with "I".

Because of the use of this style, readers often think that the main character is Karl May himself. Karl May also reacted by admitting it and said: "I am Old Shatterhand", even made photographs as Old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi.

The following is some names used by Karl May in his stories:

  1. Old Shatterhand, the nickname given to the character named Charley.
  2. Charley, the main character in Winnetou Series.
  3. Scharlih, the name used by Winnetou to call Charley.
  4. Kara Ben Nemsi, the name used by Charley when he travelled to the Middle East.... [More]

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