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Heinrich August May was Karl May's Father. He was a weaver who worked hard to support his poor family. About him Karl May wrote:

"My father was a man with two soul. One is an everlasting kind soul, and the other one is a tyrant who did not know any limit if he was angry, which made him cannot control himself. He had tremendous talent which did not channeled well because of his poor family. Although he never went to school, he could read and write so well because of his own effort. His hand was skilled enough to make anything he need in life. Whatever he saw, he could make it. Even though he was only a weaver, he could sew his own trousers and fixed his own shoes..."

He once ordered Karl May to copy a German geography book published in 1802 five hundred time, just to make his child could remember numbers by heart. Those are description of how hard his father was.

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