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Hajji Halef Omar Ben Hajji Abul Abbas Ibn Hajji Dawud Al Gossarah.

Hajji Halef Omar, or in his complete name, Hajji Halef Omar Ben Hajji Abul Abbas Ibn Hajji Dawud Al Gossarah, was the servant and companion of Kara Ben Nemsi. Halef was a small man who wears a big turban and burnous (hooded cloak) which should be worn by a man twice his size. His face was decorated by seven strands of beard on his chin and nine strands of summa summarum (the greatest of the greatest) moustache on each side of his nose. Although his appearance could make people laugh, he was a brave man, ready to sacrifice his own life to help his master. In several occasion, Halef rescued Kara Ben Nemsi from life threatening dangers.

Even though he never made the hajji pilgrimage, he used the title Hajji. His grandfather and father before him also never made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land Mecca although they always wanted to go there but did not really arrived there ever. He himself was more less the same, so he thought, he, his father, dan his grandfather was suitable to use the title Hajji. But on one occasion, Halef receive the opportunity to visit Mecca, when he was asked to take a girl to make the pilgrimage. This event happened in the story of Abu Seïf, part of Durch die Wüste (Menjelajah Gurun/Kara Ben Nemsi). Here, he married a very beautiful wife named Hanneh.

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