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Dissociative Identity Disorder is a mental illness which makes a person has multiple personality and always wants to be somebody else.

Because of depression and unemployment, Karl May suffered this mental illness which makes him often disguised as somebody else, such as an eye doctor, a seminary teacher, a policeman, a secret agent, and an employee of a law firm, before he was cured by a Catholic priest named Johannes Kochta whom was on duty in Waldheim prison.

The Controversy[sunting | sunting sumber]

Up until now, Multiple personality disorder is still a controversy in the filed of psychology because were so few documented cases. There is also some controversy over the validity of the Multiple personality profile as a diagnosis because some claimed that DID is only subjective. There is also debate over the validity of this condition, whether as a clinical diagnosis, a symptomatic presentation, a subjective misrepresentation on the part of the patient, or a case of unconscious collusion on the part of the patient and the professional.

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