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Christiane Wilhelmine Weise was Karl May's mother. She was a meek woman whom were ready to sacrifice herself for others. Because she graduated from a course to become a midwife and acquanted with Professor Genser and Professor Haase, little Karl May who suffered from blindness could be operated and could see again. About her, Karl May wrote:

"...she was a martyr, a saint, always silent, a hard worker without limit, ready to sacrifice herself for others, even to them whom were poorer than us who were already poor enough. I never heard filthy words came from her mouth. She was a blessing for everybody she met, and an endless blesings for her children. Haow ever bitter she suffered, she never complained. But when the night falled, when she sat and busy with her knitting, when she thought that noone saw her, a drop of tear came down to his cheek and dissapeard, even faster than it appeared."

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Menjelajah Negeri Karl May by Pandu Ganesa, published by Pustaka Primatama, 2004 (ISBN 979973763-X).

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